My HDD gone crazy

i have 1TB HDD,
When 1st Installed Win7, I Dident use all of it.
i did This:
c - 100GB
d - 200GB
E - 150GB
and left about 500GB as *UnAllocated* Space
after a week i created a new partition using the unallocated and it was labeld G

today i deleted G, and with the Unallocated space that was created i wanned to add to D
and then by mistake i DELETED "D" , and all hell break lose.

trying to reinstall WIN7 i found out that i cant creat partitons except for C & E.
no mater how i try to creat a "D", I just cant creat it.

i know i messed somthing up with all the resizing and stuff,
maybe someone knows what im talking about and can write some directions?
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  1. I didn't follow that. Are you saying that you tried to split the D into 2 sections, or did you move E to G and make that entire unallocated space D?
  2. 1st i deleted G, and with the space created i expanded D.
    strange thing was that DISK MANAGE Showed it like this:

    c - D - E - D
    100 - 150 - 200 - 500

    and then i deleted D.
    tried to add the deleted "D" to "C" but was UNable.
    so i deleted also E and made both D+E as 1 Unallocated space.
    i did add it to C Finaly (so "C" is now all the 1TB)
    but if I try to make New "D" Partition out of "C", It WONT LET ME!
    i can only creat "E"
    So Right Now Iv Got "C" - 100GB
    & E - 850GB
    Its A Mess I KNow
    but how can i fix This?
    (even Win7 install proces wont let me delete that space or format it.
  3. Easeus partition recovery may be able to bring back your accidently deleted partition.
  4. All is not lost. . .

    I am surprised that it let you create D twice. Usually there is a problem with renaming a new partition to the same as the old partition. Or something.

    What gets me sometimes is that the thing renames my CD drive to D -- right in the middle of everything, and I forget to look.

    Consider trying to get the partition SIZES that you want, and then rename them later. Sometimes the OS puts partition drive letters "in reserve" for something that you added and then removed (not always, but I have seen it).

    I assume you are not worried about losing what you have in E, right? If so:

    Make E all unallocated, select new space for your D of 250gb or whatever, and call it S. Then make the rest of the unallocated for your E, and call it T. (if that's what you want, I just trying to reply quickly)

    Check to see what your CD/DVD is called. Change it to whatever you want. Then see if you can change drive letters from S->D and T->E. I think this is following what you want.

    Anyway, I don't believe you could have this disk be "dynamic"; I think you can't have the OS on it, then. So make sure you are not just sliding the areas around, resizing, I mean, because that makes it dynamic. Deallocate and reallocate.

    If you still cannot change from S->D, then you would have to go into regedit, I believe, but this doesn't sound too messed up.

    EDIT -- Oh I now see that it won't let you deallocate -- sorry.
  5. eXistenZ said:
    All is not lost. . .

    EDIT -- Oh I now see that it won't let you deallocate -- sorry.

    Thank you very much for your comment.
    Well you were right! it did renamed my CD_Drive to "D".
    now i got to a point that I dont care if ill lose the data.
    all i want is that the WIN7 install process will let my delete all the HDD and format it.
    so this is what im going to do:
    1st let my say that im going to use this HDD as an External storage (its not external drive but will use it like one)
    right now its allocated like this:
    "C" - 50GB
    "E" - 890GB
    (i wanned to install win7 on the 50GB and all the rest will be my storage)
    im going to rename the CD_Drive and see if i can format and delete all of the HDD (using Win7 Install CD Interface)
    if not the ill try with the "Disk Managment"
    ill delete the Partition "E", & the UNAlllocated space ill add to "C" and try reformating all again.
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