Install 2nd video card on a x1 to x16 adapter

I wonder if there are any known issues installing a 2nd video card into an x1 slot using an x1 to x16 pci express adapter. I understand that the bus speed will be significantly reduced but since I don't want this for gaming I don't care.
My motherboard only has 1 x16 slot where I have a ati5450 card, I plan to put a second ati5450 in the x1 slot. I appreciate any comments. Thanks
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  1. If you don't want it for gaming what do you want crossfire for?
  2. jryan388 said:
    If you don't want it for gaming what do you want crossfire for?

    My guess is that he wants to add a third or forth monitor, but I don't have an answer to the OP question
  3. Hi All,

    Yes I don't want crossfire as it only allows you to connect the outputs from one card but it couples the gpus for better performance. I am using it for work but usb to vga adapters are expensive and deliver very poor results. Anyways I did the setup with a x1 to x16 adapter and after some twicking I got it to work with windows and linux. Each card has 3 outputs and they are all recognized and perform well (though probably not to gaming standards).

    Tthanks all for your responses.
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