How to restore my computer to its original state

I have a Dell Inspiron. I am trying to return it to it's original state. To it's factory form. can you help? Can you please give me some advise on how to do so? My computer keeps sticking and every time I try download certain apps for games, shows, movie, and music a botice pps up saying there where an era. Microsoft/Windows isn't installed please re-install. I didn't know I had un-installed anything. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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  1. You would have a restore disk set from Dell or a restore partition on the computer you can use to bring it back to it's new setup. That will wipe all the files on the hard drive so you need to back up your documents, favorites, not what applications you have now so you can re-install them, etc...

    If you don't have the restore disks and don't have a restore partition, you can contact Dell support to get the disks, or use your own copy of Windows to do a clean setup (that requires purchasing a copy of XP or maybe Windows 7 or 8 if your model has drivers for those).
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