Intel hd graphics v/s ati radeon 5470

Hello all,
I'm planning to purchase a laptop with 4 GB ram, core i5-430M processor.I am a complete non-gamer so, which graphic card should I go for?
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  1. The ATI 5470 is the all around better GPU and will benefit you the most in all applications, Not just games. It will also better future proof your laptop.

    But if price is an issue, then the Intel should work for you.
  2. Go with the 5470.
  3. How important is battery life to you?
    Compared to the Intel HD Graphics the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 is about twice as strong in 3D performance:
    (the links above take you to Notebook check GPU reviews)
    3DMark 05
    HD 5470 = 6332
    Intel HD = 3118 **about the same as HD 4200

    HD 5470 advantages over Intel HD:
    - improved HD videos decode (although the Intel HD does quite well too)
    - improved general computing for ATI stream, OpenCL, and DirectCompute 11 applications
    - improved DirectX 11 functions
    - improved gaming Far Cry 2 (Low) Fear 2 (Med) Left 4 Dead (High)

    Intel HD advantage over HD 5470:
    - less power consumption = longer battery life
    - lower cost of purchase

    Equal performance:
    - the majority of 2D computer programs and applications

    Since you aren't interested in any games unless you have any applications that use ATI stream, OpenCL, or DirectCompute (and you probably don't) you're a very good candidate for Intel HD Graphics.
  4. I wasn't able to find any comparisons between discrete video cards and the built-in graphics in the iX CPUs.

    I did a search on Tom's but it is hard to sort through all the Forums. I'm still looking.

    I know that in general a cheap discrete card ($50) in a desktop is better than any of the IGP units on the market, but I'm curious about the built-in graphics in the chips.

    Maybe I don't fully understand the graphics in the iX chips.
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