Wrong window 7 score for 4850

I used to have a 4670 and it had a 6.7 score in window 7 rating. I just upgraded to the 4850 and now the score is 6.0. It doesn't make any sense. Anybody know the problem?
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  1. Don't pay attention to those wacky scores, I have an old 7,200rpm drive that scores higher than my WD Black 1Tb. It's not accurate at all, use Sandra or equivalent to benchmark your system =)
  2. +1^
    Always use benchmarks to check your system's performance
  3. Agreed just worry about your actual real world performance.

  4. While I agree that WEI is NOT a very good bench mark, I see no reason that if you upgrade a GPU - the score would decrease. I would suspect a minor driver issue.

    You could run 3DMark06 and compare your results to the norm.

    When ever I change a GPU, I alwas delete the drivers, run a driver Cleaner program, and re-install the Cat software suite (even if it is the same version).

    I've not had a higher end GPU, memory, GPU give a lower rating than a Lower end counter part. The HDD scores are the only one I've noted discrepencies, ie Mechanical HDD seems to be capped at 5.9/6.0.
  5. I remember when i installed catalyst 9.12 on my 4870X2,my score went from 7.1 to 6.9 and as soon as i installed 9.12 hotfix it went to 7.1 again
  6. I think the Latest cat ver is 10.4 (runing 10.3 w/5670 and 10.2 w/5770)
  7. I know,i am just saying that with 9.12 and 9.12 hotfix i got different scores
  8. XFX 4850 WEI gets a 7.2.
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