Hello every one I have a bit query here....

I have...

winows vista SP1
4gbDDr RAM 400 MHz
2048mb of NVIDIA 9600m gt(ofcourse shared)
DX9.0c compatible harddrive
Dx11 installed.
intel core2duo processor with 2.4GHz

can I play crysis........on the above laptop...

please reply soon.....


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  1. Short answer .....yes. But not at high resolution and not with the eye candy turned on. Crysis still brings quad core multi GPU gaming machines to their knees.

    Just FYI you have Nvidia graphics and you posted this in the ATI section of the forums :D
  2. thanks man ....

    now I have seen playing crysis on ATI XPRESS 200 SERIES 512mb vista and 1.5gb RAM on lowest settings at 24FPS moreover it reqired some console editing but it works fine if you to wana see it theres link below for even more low graphs.Sorry for posting in ATI section.

    here te link is..
  3. Yep. It won't run with all the settings turned all the way up, but it should run fine on medium settings or so.
  4. You should be good for medium settings depending on the resolution. You should lower physics to low though.
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