Is this too hot?

Hi there i have an amd athlon 64 x2 6000+. t is running at normal speed of 3.0Ghz.

I'm a begginer to the computer building stuff and i am slightly worried about my tempretures for i dont know what is high and what is low.

At idle it is:
core 0: 46
core 1: 39

On full load it reaches:
core 0: 72
core 1: 59

Is this too hot or is it average?
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  1. Some monitoring software is off a little on temps. I set my shutdown temp at 70c in the bios. If you are checking temps while running windows, try rebooting and quickly enter the bios to check there and see if they match. If your system is running well while gaming, then you should be ok. If you want to change to a better cpu cooler, be sure you understand the installation instructions before ordering. Some require you to remove the motherboard.
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