I'm at it again

Ok, After building my very first pc for myself,
The Other half got my old Rig refurbished (new Hdd and gfx card/psu upgrade)
but now she wants something a bit more new so,

Aopen case F501g
Storm 600w psu
M3A770DE Mobo
Amd X3 435 2.9GHz
Sapphire HD 5770 1 Gb graphics plank
4Gb of whatever ddr3 ram I can get my hands on
Existing Hdd Samsung 320Gb ( almost brand new)
Existing monitor (just bought new one of those for her as well)
Existing Keyboard and squeaker
Existing speakers.
Existing Cd/Dvd Drives and flash card reader.
Corsair H50
Several extra 120mm case fans,
There will be some case modding involved for radiator,fans and routing wires at least.
And whatever cable management I can cobble together :)

Primarily it shall be used for World of Warcraft and Sims 3 but She will also be using this Rig for her Photo editing at some point.
You'll no doubt have noticed I havent put prices/vendors down for any of these items,
Thats because I'm waiting on my Yearly bonus from work, once its here Ill be shopping round for the best deals and thats 3 weeks away atm,

Feel free to chip in with questions, advice etc at this point and I'll try to explain why I've chosen what I have,
but once I'm started I'll post the link to the Build thread here.
*If i can edit my posts by then* :)

Build link will have progress pics ofc.

This is only my second full build So I'm still excited by this all, and I'm slightly bouyed now by the fact I already built one,
and it still works hehe :P
So here I go again.......

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  1. Hmm if u could do post specs for that Storm PSU For no/light clocking i would really stick to air cooling...even high OC..just higher end air hehe
  2. Yup, I Forgot to mention, I wont be unlocking or clocking this chip

    As the Pc lives in a teeny tiny cubbyhole ( I wouldnt have it there personally,but not my Pc so...) cooling is going to be a challenge, but I'm totally up for that,
    Hence the decision to go for the H50, the radiator is probably going to be top mounted due to clearance at the rear,
    There will be a pic of cubby on the build so people can see what Im up against :P
    Ill find the link for psu, bear with...
  3. <Self bump, lets have some feedback and questions :P
  4. That PSU looks cheap can't you get the EA650 or TX650?
  5. It was cheap, £25 in English colour,

    Even if I hadn't already bought the storm one, I would be hard pushed to justify a psu that cost that much in this build, its over featured for what she is going to need (although the tx has enough molex's to satisfy my own fans power needs) and as you can see from the mobo choice it is a budget build. as in, I'm not building her a brand new i7/Thuban because where it lives, Its going to die :)
    I just want her to have a decent enough rig for WoW and her photo stuff,
    Thanks for the tx650 tho, I'm thinking one may go into mine in the future hehe :)
  6. Then why the H50?
  7. Ill post a pic on here of where her current pc lives :P ( and thats where this build will go obv)
    As I said in a previous post, cooling is going to be fun on this so I'm going overkill tbh on her cooling system,
    I would go for a proper W/c line but:

    one, I've never done one b4 :) ( although I'm up for it,money though)
    two, there is no way she would maintain it, and I dont have time to for her
    Three the cost factor again :)
  8. For crimes against technology, you are hereby sentenced to live in this cubbyhole, May Hawking have mercy on your silicon soul :P This is her current pc so dont try to mod this one :) its going soon
    and no, cutting holes in her desk isnt an option :P

  9. Considering a good 120mm fan cost about 10$ would it not be cheaper to just buy a new case (Antec 600$, etc.)?
  10. You've operated a PC in there before? Have you monitored the temps while gaming?
    It doesn't look as if the ventilation in the cubby is all that bad. The front and rear stay open like in the picture?
    The Corsair H50 will cool the CPU but not the video card or the rest of the system (including the PSU). A budget PSU in a hot case - not a pretty picture.
    The H50 self contained water CPU cooler is no 'magic bullet' to solve a cooling problem.
    Adding extra case fans will just move hot air around inside the case unless you pay attend to the root issue - adequate ventilation.
    If you can solve that the Corsair H50 probably won't be needed.
  11. I already added 2x 80mm in the front, an extra 80mm in the side and hard drive coolers above and below the Hdd, She still randomly gets it blue-screening so I decided to build the new rig for her this current one is idling in the high 50's

    There is about 2 inches at the rear of the cubby thats open but what Im going to do with the new system is (subject to change ofc):

    H50 rad at rear intake (apparently thats corsairs recommended set up)
    graphics card and pci slotfan exhausting at rear
    several 120's in the side panel, intakes but until case arrives dont know for certain where theyll actually be
    either 2x120mm in roof or 4x80mm (noisier I know)
    and the Hdd coolers,
    I know the H50 may not be magic bullet Wr2 but its something Im considering as a part of the overall cooling plan, as you say, It may be that I can get enough air flowing that its not needed, plus I get to learn about seating a aftermarket item onto a chip, experience for the win :P
  12. I'm sorry but seven 1200mm fans is going to cost you about 70$ so why don't you ust get a new case the added fans wont help that old case.
  13. I personally liked a couple of those cases Userremoved, but most of them are too large to fit the intended living space and ( Being a woman ) She's not keen on how most of them look :)
    The psu and case are bought already as well so moot point, but I do appreciate your input though mate, if not of use now particularly, its info and options for future builds, Thankyou
  14. That pc in the pic is going bye-byes, its her current one which shall be leaving us shortly hehe :) damnit wheres the Evil smily gone :P
  15. She does not even like the Three Hundred it's so plain.
  16. Thats one of the ones thats too big unfortunately, I like it myself but the main reason for buying the cheapy cases i did,
    one: I get two cases for 15 quid so I can mod one up for fun afterwards, use it as a testbed for ideas etc,
    two: I wont feel bad about cutting holes in a cheap case as opposed to doing it on a costlier case,
    If in the future Im in a position to build a £1000+ system, I would ofc be using higher end components but as I just paid out to upgrade the current one, and Im paying/building this one, Im loath to go all out on the budget for her
  17. update: the response to this one was 'my computer is not being Tangoed!'

    She asks me to point out, one we're in the uk, two, she likes Pretty things,
    And you know it makes sense to keep the woman in your life happy, especially when shes also your Gm on WoW :P
  18. She says that ones not too bad, but as I say I already bought the cases listed in Op,
  19. Motopsychojdn said:
    update: the response to this one was 'my computer is not being Tangoed!'

    Sorry I'm not English what does this mean? If size is a problem did you consider the NZXT Vulcan?
  20. The problem is if you add fans it wont help the airflow.
  21. Re:Tangoed, best bet is probably Google Tango adverts, its an orange fizzy drink and they had some funny adverts in the 90's, I saw some nzxt cases but by then I'd bought the case for it.
  22. that case is also available in black.

    Edit looks like it's only available in bright colors.
  23. If I were in your position I think I'd mount 1 external, slow turning 140mm (or maybe a 20cm fan if there is room) outside the case (above and to the rear) just to exhaust the warm air build up inside the cubby.
    No PCI slot fan - just get a HD 5770 with the full dual slot shroud and external exhaust.
    1x120mm side case fan, 1x120mm top fan. You don't want to create a hurricane inside the case, just change out the air in case every second or so.

    Have you already bought that Storm PSU? I'd look at that as being the weak link in your current list of parts.
  24. Might go for 2x 140's in the roof if they'll fit, have to wait for case to arrive and i can measure up :)
    Slotfan i got hanging around anyway so may use,may not but the 5770 im looking for is the full shroud model
  25. It's probably a good idea to do some testing along the way. Measure temps with/without the various parts.
    You'll get good performance feedback on which items help (or hurt) your overall cooling.
  26. Im actually going to stick my rig in there today to monitor temps difference but I will be checking and re-checking as the build progresses :)
    I can cut holes out of the case, but i cant put the metal back so Ill have to measure and plan things, hence this thread,planning it all out before it all arrives in boxes,
    ty for your input and advice Wr2 :)
  27. Your welcome.
    Let us know what you find out works best for you.
    Im sure this question will come up again (and again... and again).
    It's good to get feedback from people who actually take the trouble do some testing to see what works best.
  28. Ok, my pc's been on a good few hours today,
    outside temp is 24'c about (75f in americanese) and my pc lives on top of my desk by a window (slightly ajar due to cats)
    Speedfan has me at:
    Gpu 60'c
    sys 37'c
    Cpu 41'c
    Hd 35'c,
    This is with only Toms and speedfan open, going to put virus scanner on full whack and see how much it raises at 90%+ usage, then I've got some reference numbers to work from. back later.
  29. Ok, three full whack scans using Avg9, all files folders archives etc, on fast scan to use more cpu power, used between 80 and 100% cpu, mostly high 80's
    Gpu, no difference and no surprise :P
    System went to 43'c maximum
    Cpu was at the horrendously high temp of 49'c once or twice (I'm so sorry pc :P )
    and the Hdd jumped straight to 45'c and stayed there throughout the runs.

    I'll just pop my Rig into the cubbyhole of Doom, let her get comfy then re-take some idle temps and repeat, Back later
  30. back, Strange results but on a short time test I cant really expect solid figures :P
    My Rig in the cubbyhole

    ok, half hour on WoW whilst buffering a couple of movies just to get the Rig comfortable in the Cubbyhole,
    shut all down except Toms and speedfan Reading were:
    Gpu 63'c
    sys 39'c
    cpu 46'c
    Hd 47'c

    I wanted to really push it a bit so ran 5 virus scans same settings as before, rather than 3 scans, less than 30 seconds between each scan finishing and next one starting.
    Gpu actually cooled down some to 61'c
    sys was 42'c
    max cpu hit 54'c
    Hd 47'c

    So a mixed bag to be fair but the general theme seems to be, that cubbyhole makes pc run hot (Or at least doesnt allow the hot air out) I hadnt planned on doing tests to this degree but WR2 made me curious as to what exactly was going on in that little space, it may be that I end up with some external fans directing air away from the pc, time will tell.
    Ty for a pleasant learning experience though WR2,
  31. Aopen f501g cases turned up today, built one up and they are (pleasantly surprised ) quite sturdy once built,

    Ill post pics and info tomorrow, got to get ready for work :(
  32. 3x120mm fans ordered (cheapy ones :P) and dust filter/grill covers too.
  33. What case cooling options are there in that Aopen f501g case?
  34. Those test results aren't bad at all, warmer, yes, but not hot.
    I think they give you a good baseline going in knowing you don't have huge cooling issues in that cubby.
    You're definitely on the right track with your testing.
  35. the standard options are a 120 at the front, same at rear and a funnel from vent on side panel that goes to the heatsink, I'll get a look into it over the next day or so but I'm leaning toward:
    1x120mm front intake
    1x120mm rear exhaust
    1x120mm side panel intake, funnel wont be used :-)
    2x120mm in the roof exhaust
    and whatever heatsink and fan I use instead of a H50,
    not looked into them yet though,
  36. Quick update,
    Processor/Heatsink (Came with proc so trying it before changing)
    Sapphire 5770 Gfx

    all delivered, just waiting on Ram (4Gb of Generic)
    And Fans of course :)
    So I might get round to some case prepping this weekend, pixx to follow ofc
  37. Ok, nice and sunny yesterday so I got out to drill some holes,
    blanking panels from the front will have 2x 80mm's behind them for intakes,
    the little panel by powerswitch has a 120mm intake behind so i thought a few holes just to help a bit of air get in :)

    taped the blankers back to back onto a box I have, drilled a trillion 3mm holes

    Dont look too bad tbh, few slips with the drill :P

    One side was easy, the other had plastic mount clips at the back to avoid

    End result, the power panel has a little mesh thing which covers the holes but you can see the light coming through fine from my pc

    And the blanking panels, her drives will be mounted above these and theres 2x80mm fans to fit behind them soon

    Also drilled mount holes for 2x 120's in the side, but no pictures yet

    waiting for the Ram to arrive then its buildtime :)

  38. Nice moding!

  39. blankers picture :)
  40. Ty Userremoved :) Hopefully others will see how easy it can be to mod cases on the cheap :P and the Gf is happy her new pc has its life story to go along with it :)
  41. Got any dust filters?
  42. got 3 filters for the 120's, I've decided to go for 2x120 in the side panel as there are existing mesh type holes for them and just the one 120 in the roof, two would technically fit but one would be mostly over the dvd/cd drives, Ill get some pics up of the side panel soon, bit busy on WoW today and I need sleep before work tonight :P
  43. Cool!
  44. Quick pics of side panel,
    You can just make out the 8 screwholes for the 120's, the existing mesh/holes seem to allow enough air in I reckon

    and a mock up of the filter placing, not screwed in as fans not here yet

    hopefully fans and ram are here this week :)
  45. Fans and Ram arrived this morning and as I got two hours sleep I decided to carry on with the prep work, not building a full rig when I'm half asleep hehe

    fitted 120mm exhaust at the rear, and 120mm intake at front bottom (Sniggers) :P
    Took out bottom 2 blankers and cut 20mm of the metal at the righthand side to accomodate the 2x80mm fans, easiest way of getting them in and still allowing the front panel to click on properly

    taped around the fans just to hold them together and ease placement

    then slid them in, nice fit but had to use a couple of card shims just to hold in place, I'll drill screwholes another time

    And with one blanker on, front panel clicks with a little pressure,not masses though

    and from the back

    Her Dvd/Cd drives will sit above in the top two slots, maybe the cooler for those will still fit as well, have to wait and see.

  46. Nicely done!
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