I get a blue screen and my computer shuts down

I get a blue screen and my computer shuts down its happened oftenly now, kindly advice what to do or should I change RAM with new one.

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  1. It could be a lot of things, from a driver issue to hardware stuff.
    What error code?
    And more importantlly, can U see any *.sys or *.dll file mentioned in the blue screen?
    If it happened recently, then try a system restore from Start>run >type msconfig and launch system restore from normal windows(if U can get in) or from safe mode.
    U can also run a chkdsk /r and maybe a sfc /scannow .

    also, does it happen when U play a certain game or open certain things?

  2. When i play game my computer automatically restarts with a error in blue screen:no:
  3. Could possibly be an overheating issue that's causing it to restart if you're playing a game. I would recommend monitoring your cpu temp and see how high it gets. If that seems to be fine I would check the ram.
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