CPU fried? Motherboard?

The other day my computer wouldn't turn on and there was a burnt smell when I opened it up. All parts looked fine and since nothing happened I figured it was the PSU so I bought another one. I installed it and the fans come on and ethernet on the motherboard lights up but nothing else happens. Could the PSU failing have fried the motherboard or CPU and how can I tell? The cpu looks fine.

When I tried to remove the heatsink to look at it the CPU pulled out of the socket with the lever down. It bent a pin but I bent it back. I forgot I needed to have the lever flipped up and just put it back on top of the socket. Could not being locked in have made it not work? I'm going to do it the right way when I get home but I'm hoping that could've been an issue.

Also, I had a backup computer to use which was working but after the primary wouldn't work with the new PSU I hooked it up and now it won't turn on either. Motherboard lights up, no burning smell but it doesn't do anything else. Is it possible the surge protector could be bad and being screwing components up? I really hope the CPU or motherboard isn't fried as I just got the ones in the first computer. Thanks.
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  1. try putting your CPU in a different computer to narrow down your results
  2. Try and get a working PSU and try it that way, rather than swapping CPU's, more partical and easier to do..

    Just really need to start from the basics:
    PSU - CPU - 1 Stick of RAM and Graphics Card, see if this boots to BIOS - then go from there by adding 1 component at a time (HDD, DVD Rom etc etc)
  3. That's a good idea, but unfortunately I don't have another motherboard with the same socket type to try it. I'm trying to avoid taking it somewhere if I can since a lot of places will charge nearly as much as I'd pay to just replace it. Maybe not quite so much (it's a Phenom II 720 X3) but enough.

    I do have a working PSU now. I just got it. I'll try going back to the basic components like you suggest. Is it possible not locking the CPU in would make it not work? I literally got no beeps or anything aside from ethernet light and fans all coming on when I turned it on with the new PSU.
  4. It would yes, as it wouldnt be sitting tight, but the No beeps could be that you have no PC Speaker connected maybe? or am i thinking back to far and there is a Onboard Motherboard Speaker?? :S

    Anyways, the thing your trying to do is to get the PC booting, so the less things connected the more likely it will
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