Dual slot GPU and my case.


Im looking forward to buy an XFX HD 4890 graphics card, but as we all know they usually take 2 slots of the back of the case.
So when i looked at my cases back, i saw that i have only 6 one slot places for cards. Then my question is - will i be able to install the hd 4890 card? I cant take off that steel/aluminium line between slots. Will it be ok if there would be this line between connectors of the card and hot air output? Will I even be able to install it there? I hope you understood my questions.

Waiting for response in Latvia.
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  1. as long as there isnt a card in the slot directly below your PCI-E x16 slot it should fit.
  2. And that line will not interfere with the graphics card?
  3. Petey1013 said:
    as long as there isnt a card in the slot directly below your PCI-E x16 slot it should fit.

    + you have a casing long enough to hold the card

    also do you mean you cant break the "cap" of the slots? just push them inward from the back. it it has a hook, then unhook it.....

    and by "line" if you mean the "stip" seperating the two slots, then no, your good
  4. oh really? Well thats a relief. thank you. I will post some pictures of my case and how it all looks later.
  5. Please before you read anything here, read this thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/287500-10-dual-slot-case


    So, i promised to put some pictures. And I have changed my mind about the gpu, its not going to be HD 4890, im going to take GTX 460, because, as we all know its a really kick ass card.

  6. So will I be able to install the GTX 460, cuz i have those one slot places for cards...
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  8. Yep. When people say dual slot they Just mean it takes up 2 slots, but it still only plugs into 1 PCI-E slot.
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