1155 motherboard

Hey all,
I've heared that a lot of motherboards have been called back because of chipset problems..
I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on buying a 1155 motherboard anyway.
I was looking at the
MSI P67A-C43
or the
ASUS P8P67-M but i heared this one doesn't have changeable voltage.

My budget would be around 110.
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  1. Either should work well when they are re-released.

    The msi is a full atx, while the Asus is a micro-ATX. It is one of only two Micro-ATX P67 motherboards I know of.
    The P8P67-M Pro is the other which is different in that it has sli capability. I have one, and I have had no problems OC'ing it.
    It will cost a bit more.
  2. i'd like to overclock
    so than the msi would be better?
    or do you have any other suggestions
  3. Dnhilos said:
    i'd like to overclock
    so than the msi would be better?
    or do you have any other suggestions

    To overclock:
    You will need a motherboard based on a P67 chipset.

    You will also need a 2500K or 2600K cpu. The 2600K is not worth the extra $100, since they both overclock well.

    You will also need a discrete graphics card, since the H67 chipset which supports the sandy bridge integrated graphics can't be overclocked. No big loss for a gamer.

    Any of the motherboards will do well. Just check that the one you pick has the number of expansion slots and features you want.
    When they are relisted on newegg, do a comparison check of your candidates.

    Asus seems to be the front runner.
  4. Okay thanks
    i'll be getting a 2500k and a gtx 460.
    I've been reading the -m doesn't overclock ( or just slightly ) but the Pro series does. Also been reading the MSI doesn't do so well either but BIOS updates will Fix it. Thats what i've been reading. But i was hoping you guys had any "best bang for the buck" suggestions for me
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