Looking for a 1100W+ power supply recommendation

I'm looking for a power supply recommendation in the 1100+ range. Key features must be stability, efficiency, and many connections. (I have a ton of HDs and other peripherals).

I also had a kid that just loves to turn off my system without shutting it down properly, so there has to be some safety measures built into it to prevent surges or whatever else could happen as a result of this sort of negligence.

Thank you for you help!
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  1. What components are in your system? Few systems require over 1kW and you might not need as much as you think, and 1kW+ units tend to be quite expensive, most good ones are around $250-350.

    The new AX1200 is a very good unit if you do need something with that much power.
  2. The components really don't matter, unless it's a compatability issue. I just want a future-proof, very high quality PSU, and am willing to pay up to 500 (preferably less, of course.) Thanks for the suggestion.
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    The components tell you the max draw, but if you are willing to pay up to 500 the AX1200 is definitely in your range and is a superior power supply, full modular, 80+ gold, excellent voltage stability(~1%), and ripple suppression. It has the best review at jonnyguru i have seen to date.
  4. I've been running an ultra x4. it's only 1050 watts but has a lifetime warranty.
    Check it out here:
  5. I wouldnt get the Ultra X4,the 850W and the 1050W did not receiver a pass from Hard OCP because it was so mediocre and both failed to live up to Ultra's marketing claims and both failed to get 80+ silver like ultra claimed.
  6. Good information to know hunter, thanks. Thanks for the suggestion though mhelm.
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