5970 Black Edition Problem. Help please.

I'm having problems with my 5970 black edition. I'm getting a red light on the card when i turn the system on and get no display at all. I've tried installing it in all the Pci slots but get the same result. Here is my system.

Antec 900
Antec cp 1000 PSU 1000w
Gigabyte x58 mobo
Corsair 6GB Tri-channel
1TB Green HD
32Gb Patriot SSD
Intel I7 3.4(OC) with Corsair H50

The card has just been delivered this morning and brand new.

I have both the 8-pin and the 6-pin cables connected.

I've put my old XFX 7600 in for the time being and it is working fine with the system.

Any help would be much appreciated before i blame the card and send it back.
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  1. Try a different power connectors and make sure the card is securely attached. The red light over the PCI-E connectors indicate a power problem.
  2. Found the problem. After closer inspection I tested the voltage on the cables from my PSU. The 6 and 8 pin cables are faulty and showing no voltage so need to contact TEK to get a replacement. If anyone reading this has similar problems then i wouldnt be surprised if its a bad batch of products because mine was factory sealed when i got it.

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