What should I get for a good gaming PC?

Hey guys, me again. Can anyone tell me what kind of stuff I should get/need to build a good gaming PC on a budget of $800-$1,000 being my max budget?
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  1. I don't get it. What was for me? The link or the stuff under it? (Sorry if i sound really stupid, im not used to using a forum for advice)
  2. Just read it and follow its instructions. It's stickied for a very good reason
  3. here i'll rephrase what cmcghee358 means...

    the sticky helps you to let us know what you want from your system.

    but i'll try to answer what you are asking for.

    for a good gaming rig you will need a relativly good CPU and a good GPU

    for your budget i will look into AMD

    CPU phenom x4 955
    Ram 4g is enough
    PSU 650w Corsair, Seasonic and Antec are good PSUs
    HDD Samsung spinpoint F3 1tb should be good
    GPU depends on the total build price either 5770 or 5850 (5850 is more future proof but a lot more in price
    Mobo pick Asus or Gigabyte
    Case Antec 300 illusion (only sold at newegg), Antec 900 is what i have and is good
  4. Since when I joined I wouldn't have understood the instructions so far (and a rephrase for clarity can't hurt)

    The link's to a thread in the forum about how to post for new build advice. It gives a useful layout that helps people on the forum recommend components that suit what you're looking for.

    and btw, the stuff underneath the link is a signature, which is like a little message that you choose to have automatically put underneath your post (if you want to know how, go to your profile, forum options) and if a thread has been stickied, it's been placed at the top of the forum because it's been deemed as essential / very useful / very helpful.

    hope that helps and sorry if you know what I'm talking about and it seems a bit dumbed down.

    Good luck with the build :)
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