5970 x2 +GTX470??!!

I currently have 2 5970 in X-fire mode. I am thinking of adding a Gtx470 to my rig for Physx. I want to ask, if I added the Gtx470 into it, Will I be able to play the Nvidia Demos, such as the Supersonic sled?

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  1. Anyone can help me?.....
  2. you b@stard :)

    I envy you.

    I think there was a hack on using physx card with ATI primary video. Search google for ATI Physx hack or something

    Cant help you more
  3. here is a guide *even i am thinking of getting a GTX260 with my 5850 hm....

  4. You haven't gotten many replies because we all hate you... :P

    But i can't complain! 5970 Black Edition + 9800GT for physx. I hear that some physx based games, rather games that use the physx api might not run correctly with the driver hack.

    Do you absolutely love you're hardware!? My system will arrive in 2 weeks. I haven't had any top of the line hardware in quite some time...
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