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OK my best friend who is always one or two steps ahead of me in upgrades :fou: ( has no life and more money :kaola: ) has a pimp setup i7 sli 470s top ASUS mobo, water cooler :pfff: ... Oh to my point sry i went off track! i am starting to update my gaming Pc with new components so i can have them for my next rig ( coming soon :bounce: ) . after my last upgrade 560 non ti this week, he thinks i should get a SDD drive. Now i have been using Pc's for gaming since 2005 ( my friend gave me my 1st rig, and helped me with this PC) and i haven't used a x-box or PS since... i have not even thought about using SSD because of their cost, however this is changing! What will i see in improvements over my SATA 3.0 Gbs 7200 RPM 16MB HDD? Windows Experience Index scores my primary drive at 5.9 its my lowest scorning component, i think now is the time and its time to start learning...

just so you guys know i am so very thankful of all the help i have gotten in the past!

thinking about this one...
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  1. Low to high 7's with SSD in WEI.
  2. SSD makes a big difference in boot and access times.
  3. I'm booting with one right now.
  4. what if i used one just for gaming?
  5. How many games?
  6. Typically it's a good idea if you can afford it to get at least 128G SSD so you can boot windows fast and load games faster, with at least a 1 TB hard drive to store whatever else you need, and those games that you don't care about loading times in.
  7. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    How many games?

    13 give or take... and some programs i use, but the programs i cant keep with the OS

    ( dose it not work like SATA drives? ) i use one just for my OS and one for videos and programs so on... i set up files and till widows where to find them... its just how Ive always done it! Would that work? With SATA isn't it faster...

    i can afford a 40 and 60Gb SSD at the moment
  8. 1 for windows 1 for games.
  9. If you optimize your OS, you can bring down the size to ~45GB, I was skeptical on purchasing an SSD for use but after, my total system feels way more responsive and snappier. If you can, I'd suggest you get an 120gb SSD as it will fit your OS as well as quite a bit of games.
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    1 for windows 1 for games.

    thats what im saying.... ( in my mined it seems to be the best configuration for optimal IOPS ) not talking about raid though not going there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. any one know of some benchmarks or reviews on optimizing SDDs?
  12. A plethera of SSD info!
  13. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    A plethera of SSD info!

    thank you.... i think i found the 3 drives that or good or am looking at anyways... but what do i know!|20-226-152^20-226-152-TS%2C20-226-236^20-226-236-TS%2C20-226-318^20-226-318-TS
  14. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    A plethera of SSD info!

    love it very cool.... i hope this will help at lot of other people.....

    I just got my new ASUS 560 OC non TI in today..... WOW looks great......
  15. what do you guys think about this one??? Intel 330 3.0

    or what about this one Kingston SSD, i dont know if it comes with a mount

    these 2 are in my price rage.... ( i saw some others but they had no mounts and reviews suck )
  16. oh hell yeah . my bro just sent me promo code from newegg for the Samsung 830 120g for 84$ hmmmm lmfao that 0.65 a gig cost out the door is 84.99$ ( SWEAT )
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