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Alright so I have a Windows Vista Desktop. It had wireless before, but since we moved we've had it hooked up to the modem directly, and it had been for almost a year. Since my parents decided to have a third baby, they got rid of the computer room. But with that they also got rid of any possibility of direct hook-up with the computer. So we thought "ok fine, we'll just use the wireless. That went well for a week or so, and then-all-of-a-sudden it wouldn't find ANY wireless networks. All it had was some Pier-to-pier network.
That didn't work. Next day there was squat, as it has been for a few days now. :heink: Can anyone give some input on this? :o
*Note: I have tried the command prompt netsh w-something reset. All I get is 4 lines that read
The following helper DLL cannot be loaded: DOT3CFG.DLL.
The following helper DLL cannot be loaded: WLANCFG.DLL.
The following helper DLL cannot be loaded: WCNETSH.DLL.
The requested option requires elevation.
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  1. Reinstall the driver for the wireless adapter.

    If that doesn't work there may be a hardware fault with the adapter -- see Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager.
  2. Alright i've done that. and it still won't work. All i'm getting is cannot find wireless... I know it's in range, because i'm using a laptop right next to it.
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    Sounds like a hardware problem either with the adapter or a PCI conflict (assuming it's a PCI adapter). If so try a different slot and go into the BIOS and turn off any ports not in use COM, Games/Midi -- Parallel Printer if using a USB printer. Restart Windows a couple of times to reassign resources and see what happens.

    As wireless adapters don't cost much now, if you haven't the time to faff around may be simpler just to buy a replacement.
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