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Hello, I have a custom build PC I bought off a friend that I have had for around a year now.

Specs= Pentium 4-3ghz, 1gb Ram-DDR 400, ATI 9600, 80gb and a 320gb HDD, Dual Boot Windows 7 (320 HDD) and XP (80 HDD).

For as long as I have had it I have experienced random reboots. Originally the pc didn't have the 320gb HDD and Windows 7(installed them back in April). Prior to 7 Reboots were a lot more common consisting of a black screen then booting as normal. While the reboots were random they seemed to have a bit of a pattern to them. They never happened in any demanding full screen games but mostly occurred when executing or running programs. They were most frequent when using Movie Maker as they would happen every 30 minutes or so. I figured it was a software problem and when I installed win 7 thought it would fix the problem...

For A while it did as Window 7 was vast improvement over XP and fixed many other problems. I went a week or two without a reboot but they still seem to happen this time a blue screen flashes before the reboot and it happens a lot less frequently.

I figure its a Hardware problem, Probably not the Power Supply as we replaced the original 300W with a 420W not too long ago. I also figure its not an Over heating problem because It never reboots when playing demanding games.

This is really the only problem I Have with the computer because other wise with Windows 7 its been fantastic.

Hope Someone can shed some light on this issue, Cheers
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  1. Run Memtest and check if ur RAM is ok. It sounds like a bad memory stick.
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