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Hi all:

I'm thinking of building my first system after a rediculously bad experience with Alienware.

After reading TH reviews for days I think I'd like to build an i7-2600k based system but I'm a bit confused by the recent problems associated with his CPU.

I see reviews of various motherboards (ASUS P7P55D, EVGA Classified 200, etc.) but other articles talk about the P67/H67 boards. Are these boards available yet or are they associated with the CPU problem?

Further on that note, do I need to do anything special to deal with the CPU problem?

Thanks for all your help. Sorry for such basic questions!
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    The P55 chipset is socket 1156, so it will not work with the i7-2600K. The P67 chipset is for the i7-2600K. However, with the SATA issue on the P67 being fixed by Intel right now, you can't find a motherboard for the 2600K right now. I just checked, and Newegg isn't even listing them as of right now.
  2. Ahhh, thank you! On closer inspection I see that the motherboards I was looking at are actually LGA 1156, not 1155. I was thrown off by ASUS's name being P7P55D.

    So there are just no boards available that fit the 2600 series CPU's? Just curious since I saw the CPU's for sale at Tiger Direct today.

    Thanks again!
  3. This week or next week, we should see limited quantities of the new B3-stepping boards for Sandy Bridge CPUs for sale. These do not have the SATA2 3Gbps issue of the old recalled boards.
  4. The chips are back out on the racks. Seen them today, and seen a few retailers selling p67/h67 boards. Though it doesnt state if they are new versions or the same old versions :(.... itd suck to buy one and just get the old version with the problems and just have to send it back because the retailer was just pushing sales....

    I heard somewhere they are going to come out with upgrade equipment for the p55's so they are not obsolete.... but dont quote me on that, cuz the article didnt say much about it.. Maybe just hearsay..

    So ya sandy-bridge all the way! an i5-2500k(stock-clock speeds) runs equal to i7-960's and faster than AMD 980 extremes... Never go AMD unless you r penny pinching. Plus the second gen are good for editing software and multitasking.
  5. The B3-stepping boards will be clearly marked with extra stickers on the box as well as stickers on the board itself. Plus, the BIOS/UEFI will have a unique identifier as well.

    Anything on the shelves today is likely the old (possibly broken) version.
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