New desktop 600-750 budget

Hello Toms group. I am going to do my first desktop build. Now I need help with choosing the "heart" of my desktop choosing a cpu I am a light gamer do alot of photoshop, power point, word, download music, and the usual email....

I am looking at a AMD Phenom ii x64 965 or 955 black edition. I figured once i choose a cpu then I can pick a motherboard and so fourth. Looking for a total of 4-8gb of ram. Recommendations???

Budget 600-750
quiet no pref
build in next 2-4 weeks
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  1. Wow thanks that looks great I see room for upgraded ram too... Thanks that was a fast response.
    game res 1680 x 1050.
    samsung syncmaster 23" monitor

    My many thanks for your input!!
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