450W Corsair enough for Crossfire HD4850s

Does anyone know if the following power supply will be enough for my system? Details below.


MSI X58 Platinum LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
Core i7 920 OC'd to about 3 GHz
6GB Corsair XMS3 (DDR3 1333)
DVD Burner
1 standard hard disk
Dual Radeon HD 4850s

From what I have read, I am thinking it may be a little low in the wattage. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Dual 4850s will push it over the edge, a good 750W unit will be strong enough to give you enough power to overclock too.
  2. well, i actually asked that same question about a year ago but my situation was a little different. I was able to crossfire a 4870 and a 4850 using that power supply. It worked but i only ran it for about 3 weeks as i was waiting for my new 610-watt PSU so i might have been lucky. I would imagine that even if it worked you would not want to make it a prolonged setup and definitely get a decent PSU right away
  3. Here calulate your PSU capacity using corsair calculator


    Antec have similar tool on its site

    Calculate your load

  4. I would recommend a 550+ Watt PSU. I think you are just pushing the 450 a little too much with that crossfire.
  5. Your supposed to need 30A for a complete system and one 4850. Adding another should put you close to 40A. I don't think the 450W has that much. Might be able to run it for a bit, but I doubt you'd see long term success.
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