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I have a 2nd tv in another room and I'd like to be able to watch my full digital HD package and record tv on. Essentially I don't want to rent another set top DVR from Time Warner.

Is there any replacement for this type of setup that could incorporate a pc?
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  1. Nope , I don't think so, but I wouldn't be surprised if you get cracked versions of firmware for the set top boxes. Earlier they used to have the Com port sort of connector behind the set tops which you could easily manipulate using a PC. Nowadays , I don't think that's a possibility.
  2. My understanding is that I could connect the cable directly to a pc tv tuner card, but I'd only get the 100~ standard channels, and a few over the air HD channels, correct?
  3. If it's a PC TV Tuner you'll only get those, right.
    But there are some new TV Cards out there which do allow the Set top boxes to directly connect with the PC specifically for HD TV.

    Hey Just found this.... check this out too
  4. Does that allow channels to be viewed on a separate tv, or would it only view or record channels that the set top box is tuned to?
  5. I'm still wishing I could find something like that too......
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