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I have a mobo asrock P67 Extreme4, sata 3 : 2 intel and 2 marvell
well I have in Intel 0, 128mb ssd and Intel 1, 1t hdd
and it takes 21 secs to boot.

I added a 3 tb disc to 1 of the marvell ports, after adding this new hdd,
it takes 30 secs more to boot up. It freezes up in starting windows now

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong here, can someone point me to the right direction.

I will appreciate all help I can get here
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  1. It is not normal, try putting the drive on the Intel 3GB ports and see if it works better (speed wise with HDD no difference).
  2. so 3tb in intel port and what about the 1tb i had there?

    I was thinking maybe not use marvell at all and use one of the hdd in the sata 2 eventhou they are sata 3
  3. Yes that was basically what I was saying, don't use the Marwell and see if that fixes it.
  4. the 3tb is only and exclusive for windows backup, so which should I keep in the intel port the 1 or 3 tb in case that works
  5. Does not matter neither drive will max the 3GB controller. I would stick the 3TB there since it is a backup.
  6. well it didnt work.. No matter in what port I use the 3t seagate it slow down the boot...
    I even tried different combinations, I unplugged all my my drives except the ssd and 3tb one and still the same..

    Could it be settings or bios ? or the HDD is faulty?
  7. Most likely faulty drive.
  8. mmm but if it would ve been faulty, I wouldnt be able to access the disc in first place, isnit ?

    and you know, sometimes but not often I hear the 3tb squeek or like short noise
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    I had a dying Seagate drive (within its first month) and before it died it slowed everything down. Run the manufacturers diagnostics (download from their website) on it and find out if it passes.
  10. it passed all test, anyway I talk to amazon for a replacement .. thanks rolli59
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  12. I got another one, and is working normal.
  13. mmm just a little Update here..
    while digging more for the answer I found this

    IT helped me a lot
    So the problem with "Starting Windows" hanging was, windows backup, system image.
    if I dont make the system image it does not hang.
    I also tried making a smaller partition of 2tb and didnt work either.
    So I made another smaller partition of around 1tb and the system image didnt make "Starting Windows" hangs

    so , win backup "System image" has an issue with hdd over 2tb .
    thats the answer for my problem
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