HD5770 Crossfire

I planned to do crossfire HD5770...

There are guide when i want to make a Crossfire or i just take those 2 card a install it in my motherboard and just use it..... or What.?

I read a comment from someone, he said that there are no different between single or crossfire.

I scare if i do a croSsfire the result are same with single card it will waste my MONEY....??????

I need a guide pleaseeee....!!!!!!!!! :cry:
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  1. All you need to do is install both cards into your motherboards PCI-E lanes, Connect the crossfire bridges that come with the cards (You can use 1 or 2 bridges, it doesn't make any difference). Boot into windows, install the latest drivers from ATi's website, make sure you enable Crossfire in CCC.
    Thats about it really.

    (Obviously you need a crossfire compatible motherboard and a quality 600W or greater power supply.)

    Why not check out some HD5770 Crossfire reviews and see how well they scale together.

    EDIT: Did some googling for you:
  2. Ok... Thank Omgitzfatal, I have check ATI website and read about ATI latest driver.

    If i am not wrong ATI latest driver are use for maintanance Graphic card right.?

    *** I am from Malaysia and are not good in english,correct me if i wrong*** :-)
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    Not sure what you mean by maintenance, All you need to remember is that its best to get the latest drivers from ATi's website.

    ATi releases a new driver every month, the latest driver is driver 10.4, The '10' stands for the year 2010 and the '4' stands for the 4th month of the year (April).

    The latest drivers may give your cards better performance and better crossfire support.
  4. Oo... Hehe... i am new in gaming world. so lot of thing i should learn.

    K... If i want to make my Crossfire card in good performance then i should download driver ATI from the web site.... Right.?
  5. K...
    I Have check again n you want me to download ATI Cataylist 10.4 Right...?
  6. Yep once you've installed both cards into your motherboard and connected at least 1 crossfire bridge then boot into windows and install driver 10.4.

    Then just make sure Crossfire is enabled in the Catalyst Control Center which comes with the driver download.
  7. OO... I see. Thank for your information and guide omgitzfatal..

    i have learn lot from you... :-)
  8. Your welcome
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