Antec 902 Front Audio Jacks No Signal

Hello I recently built a new computer and I am having audio issues. I am unable to get Realtek HD Audio Manager to recognize that my logitech headphones are plugged into the front audio jacks of my antec 902 case. I have the ac'97 cord plugged into the F_Audio slot of my motherboard. If I plug the headphones into the back audio jacks the headphones are detected but I am unable to get any sound. I have also tried the built in speakers of my Asus 24 inch monitor and have no luck getting sound from those as well. I am however able to get sound from my dell monitor speakers.

Intel Core i7 930
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
Radeon HD 5870
Antec 902
Seasonic 750
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  1. Do you have the latest audio drivers?

    Are you sure your speakers are compatible?

    Double check the motherboard manual for F_Audio input.
  2. I just finished my build with very similar components. My antec 902 case's front panel audio doesn't work either. Although I managed to pick up a USB headphone, and mic, I would like a resolution for future use.
  3. I'm looking into a solution at the moment and will be updating on this thread soon!
  4. I have solved this issue. The problem was gigabyte automatically defults to the HD audio option. It was a simple fix. I went into my Realtek HD Audio Manager program which came with my Gigabyte disc. From there click the folder icon underneath where it says device advanced settings and above the panel displays. Then check the box that says disable front panel jack detection. This will switch to the ac'97 and the front audio jacks should work.
  5. much thanks
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    Glad you fixed the problem!
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  8. Thanx for the Best Answer!
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