How to connect XP laptop via LAN with Desktop PC with Windows 7

I have the following problem.

I have 1 desktop PC with 2 lan cards 1 integrated 1 peripheral running windows 7 Ultimate and a laptop running windows XP professional

also i have cable modem which i have connected to my peripheral LAN to receive internet.

I have a cross over and straight cables and i want to connect my Laptop to my 2nd LAN card on my Desktop PC and by sharing the internet connection on the other LAN to send internet to my laptop too.

I had this all set up and done the way i am describing to you but yesterday i was upgrading my Windows 7 and since then i cant set it up like it was before again.

I remember last time that i have assigned some static IP address to the LAn that the laptop is connected.

Now if i dont assign any static address the laptop can't obtain IP from the Desktop PC probably because there isnt DHCP server that can give IP addresses.

I am not too familiar with LANs so obivously i am missing something pretty obvious anyone can help?
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  1. [modem]<--wire-->[pc w/ ICS enabled]<--wire-->[laptop]

    All you need to do is enabled ICS on the connection leading to the Internet. Just leave the PC and laptop connections using DHCP, you don't need to configure static IPs. ICS will take care of all of it.
  2. I got it all sorted but after i reinstalled my Windows 7 on my desktop PC

    It turns out some important services like ICS were not running properly due to unknown reason and the laptop's Connection couldnt get IP assigned to it

    After i reinstalled my Windows 7 it all worked right away like Eibgard said with no need to use static IPs

    Thanks for the reply
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