Problem with chirping ST1000NM0011 drives in RAID0

Hello guys,
I have a problem. Recently i have bought 2 x ST1000DM003 drives to make raid 0 array . everything was fine exept the drives after 3 mins of diling made chirping noise and after that when i opened up a folder or file which was on the array they chirped again and i hade 1-2 second delay in accesing files. I believe it was "head parking" . I ve read that those drives had this issue and i ve updated to the newest firmware . Still no go. So i wrote to seagate and they proposed a change to ST1000NM0011 drives. I ve changed them but there is still the same issue. Both Constellation drives "park" their heads too. I want to add that i have all energy saveing disabled, i ve updated to SN03 firmware which was sent to me by seagate and stil lthe same issue. This is so frustrating... What can cause such behaviour ? All energy saveing options and "turn off hard drive" option are disabled... I really have no clue what can cause this . Maybe someone here has any idea ? I have ASUS Rampage IV Extreme mobo.
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  1. they are fine. When the read/write arm moves back off of the disk, it has a little latch that prevents it from moving. The chirp is where it tries to move, but is blocked by the little latch, and it then disengages it, and all is fine. It is a bit annoying though.

    Source: screwing around with a 4gb hard drive, noticed this.
  2. Well, everything fine but i ve had ST31000524AS drives and they did not do this . Its really annoying , because the sound is annoying and it makes slight delay in accesing data. Really i dont uderstand why older drives didnt do it and those are doing it... ST1000DM003's did that but more often , seagate assured me that ST1000NM0011 wont do it and crystal disk info showed ST1000DM003 have APM and ST1000NM0011 dont. Odd issue really.
  3. I ve just entered BIOS and left like that idling for 5 minutes and those drives did the same thing. I am pretty sure its the head parking thing. Imo this is compeltely useless and i dont know idf its possible to fix...
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