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I have HP DL 380DL G4 server, and it has PCI slots, i have been looking for graphich card so that i can use my SamSung LED monitor. I got max resolution is 1024X768. I want higher resolution,how do i get it.
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  1. What is the native resolution of your Samsung LCD monitor?
    -> Any PCI video card you can find should do higher than 1024X768.
    What PCI video cards can you find to order? We can help you pick out the best option.
  2. Monitor Native resolution supported are

    Resolution: 1,920x1,080
    Pixel-response rate: 2ms
    Contrast ratio: 1,000:1

    And server reolution defult support is 1024X768
  3. pandagopal said:
    And server resolution default support is 1024X768
    Default 1024x768
    Can't you change the default? Most of the time you can choose from a whole range of display resolutions.
    1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 and lots more.
    What operating system are you using?
  4. You have the ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI Video Card now? That was standard in that server system I think.
    It has a 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution
  5. I tried to change the resoluion , but did not help, Server is loaded with Windows Server 2008.
  6. Radeon 7000 PCI (a.k.a Radeon VE) has a max res of 2048x1536 and will handle 1920x1080
    Geforce FX 5200 PCI also handles max res of 2048 x 1536
    All higher generation PCI cards will work as well.
  7. Likely Server 2008 did not find a video driver that would work with that video card and so used a 'generic driver' that won't let you change resolutions.

    The least expensive fix would be looking for ATI Rage XL video drivers that will work with Server 2008.
  8. Even with a driver upgrade it looks like the max res that Rage XL can support is 1280x1024

  9. Thanks I will order from Amazon now. Hope that will solve my problem
  10. Better to shop... then list your options here.
    You can have the forum guys sort through the options for your best choice.
  11. I went ahead through ATI website and got the drivers but they are supporting upto Windows 2000.

    So I am thinking of downgrading the Server or get a new compatible PCI Graphics card.
  12. Better to get a new card.. And best to go nvidia route as they have better drivers for a wide range of operating systems.. Before placing your order, first make sure there are drivers available for the card you intend on purchasing..
  13. I have been looking for new PCI Video card which is compitable with Windos Server 2008 (64 bit), but was unable to find one, At last i got one Nvidia 8400 GS in the month of Feburary, but that time drivers were not avalible, as of today drivers are available, so now things have are looking good.

    Any driver which is good for WINDOS 7, those are same driver for Widnows Server 2008 too. Now i am getting resolution in the range of 1980 earlier i got was 1024.

    Nvidia 8400 GS PCI card is the best.
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