Need help assembling new pc

Guys,Im upgrading from pentium D 930(finally) need a new procy,mobo,RAM,power supply and graphic card
Imnot planning to spend here's my decided config:

AMD Athlon II X4 635
Asus M4A87TD mobo
Transcend 2GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz C9
450watt PSU

My questions are as follows:
1. is a 450 watt enuf?
2.I have a 19 inch LCD(1440X900)....previously had a XFX 8600gt 512 DDR3card. Looking for a new card......which is better 9600gt/GT 240 DDR5/5570 DDR5...will I get a good enuf upgrade from my 8600GT
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  1. 1. Yes it is enough

    2. The GT 240 will beat the 5570 but if you want DX 11 then the 5570 is the way to go

    i would recommend the 5750 at the least though, a 5770 would be ideal for you

    and also save yourself a few dollars, get a X4 620 and OC it a few hundred mhz and you will get the x4 635

    gigabyte mobo which is just as good as yours

    for a 450 watt PSU go with this
  2. Thnx buddy.... :)
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