Memory Configuration Dilemma, Intel Board

My mainboard is an Intel D865PERL.

I bought 4 sticks from OEMPCWorld of "1GB 184pin DDR DIMM 128Mx64 non ECC gold leads unbuffered 2.5 volts PC2700 DDR333 spec 333Mhz with SPD CAS 2.5 latency CL2.5". These have been problematic per the following.

Checking the BIOS right after the memory counter stops but before OS load begins shows variability in how the BIOS is reading each stick in each of the four memory slots. Each stick is 1gb of DDR333 :

============== Boot ===========
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Memory Channel A, Slot 0 512 512 1024 1024 1024

Memory Channel A, Slot 1 1024 1024 1024 1024 1024

Memory Channel B, Slot 0 256 512 512 1024 512

Memory Channel B, Slot 1 1024 1024 512 1024 1024

The sticks in Slot 0 are supposedly matched and the sticks in Slot 1 are supposedly matched.

However, according to the Intel manual for the mainboard, if they were properly matched I wouldn't be getting these variable results.

To attempt to correct this I bought another 4gb of RAM from Crucial. The specs on these sticks are "DDR PC2700 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR333 • 2.5V • 128Meg x 64".

These did not work at all. The PC started w/o beep codes but the video would not display at all. Running Crucial's memory scanner shows that all of the sticks are 512mb which is clearly wrong.

I want to return the Crucial sticks and exchange them for one's with the proper specifications but I'm now not sure what the correct specs would be. The Intel mainboard manual says "2.5V only 184 pin DDR SDRAM w/gold plated contacts, unbuffered, single-sided or double-sided DIMMs [double sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported], Non-ECC, Serial Presence Detect, DDR400 or DDR333 or DDR266".

I would be very grateful for guidance.

Thanks very much, Bill Cole
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  1. I suggest using this tool
    Then if you have issues you can take it up with Crucial.
  2. I am assuming that your BIOS is up to date? BIOS updates are often necessary to accommodate different RAM brands and configurations especially if the RAM was manufactured after the Motherboard was. Before you try anything else make sure you have the latest BIOS offering the board manufacturer can provide.
  3. Thanks, everyone, for the advice and guidance.

    I did check the BIOS, found that there was a newer version and did a flash update to the most current release. I also found this [] from Intel which is a list of memory modules that have been tested to work with this board.

    The BIOS upgrade did not solve the problem, so I'm assuming, based on the Intel tested-memory list that I'm not using tested memory so I should expect flaky results.

    I'm going to try Crucial tech folks again [they told me to test their memory 1 stick at a time, which I did, and found that that memory did not even recognize the mainboard, even after the BIOS update] and see where that goes.

    Oh, I did use Crucial's memory configuration tool before I placed the order with them and followed their advice.

    Regards, Bill Cole
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