Help me!! i wanna now if i can play

Ati 5850,4gb ram, i5-750 with this can i play bad company 2, assassin`s creed 2, at max settings 1920x1080?
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  1. Should be OK at near max graphics and image quality settings.

  2. That's with HBAO off, but higher anti-aliasing (more frames, too). Probably better that way.
  3. <- this is also a very useful site for future reference
  4. It's more of a personal preference on how you play your games.
    shadow187's benchmark reflects the 'fast twitch' school of gaming
    and the Hardware Canuck's benchmark reflects the 'max eye-candy' school of gaming.
    HBAO is the ambient occlusion effect that is more taxing than the usual SSAO and I think it has something to do with horizon based ambient occlusion effect
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