Tons of errors and problems with new system...please help me

I just bought a new system (X6 1055T + GA 880GM UD2H + Kingstone SSD V serie 64Gb + 2x2Gb DDR3 EDATA 1600G + Windows 7 x64))
I still have some errors (instability, freeze, etc..) This is my second set of ram. My 1st try was with 2x2Gb GSkill Ripjaws, and it was even worse
I though it was better with the new eDATA DDR3 (Newegg has good review)
I even re-installed Windows 7, and was able to encode 3 movies in a raw with handbrake without any crash or freeze
Bu this morning, when i started my computer, nothing on the screen. The indicator on the screen satyd ornage while it should turn blue
I did a reset 1 or 2 times, and then finally was able to start windows, but got a freeze few minutes after (f\glitches on the screen)
Then I decided to run a memtest (memtestv86 v4.10)
At around 45%, I've got 518,912 errors....!!!!
What's the issue?
Is it the RAM again, and I should try with a third set (!!!), or should I return my mobo+CPU and go for a i5-750 and another mobo for that CPU?

I'm completely lost..This is not my 1st built, but this is the first where I have so many issues!!!

I need some help please
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  1. Couple of quick questions...
    1) RAM set at the right speeds, timings and voltage per the Manufacturer Specs??
    2) Have you tried test one stick at time or different slots using Memtest86 v4.1??
  2. Yes, timing are OK (9-9-9-24)
    Voltage are by default. Spec on DDR3 says 1.55 to 1.75V. I think I have 1.55V by defaut on my mobo
    I tried stick #1 on slot #1 ---> no errors on 1 pass
    I tried stick #2 on slot #1 ---> Beeps, couldn't boot
    I tried stick #2 on slot #2 ---> no error on 1 pass
    I'm triying right now stick #1 on slot #1 and stick #2 on slot #2, 1st pass just completed with no error (I cross my fingers for next passes)
    If I have no errors, should I keep my RAM and consider it's OK, or should I return it knowing I had an issue with stick #2 on slot #1? Or can it be an error from the motherboard?
    Or if I have errors in the next passes, should I increase the voltage (+0.1V for example)?
  3. Yes, if you get errors I would look to adjust your voltage until the RAM is stable.

    I've never been a fan of RAM with voltage ranges because you know going in to it you'll need to play around with voltage.
  4. 2nd pass almost completed and still have no errors.....Memtest has been runing for 1 hour and 15 minutes now
    So far so good!!!
    I ran memtest86 for more than 3 hours, 4 passes completed without a single error
    Then I luanched DVD shrink and got an error after 1 minute only!!!!
    Then, it was impossible to boot (long beep)
    I had to remove 1 stick, reinstall it right away and was able to boot again
    I went into the BIOS and increased the RAM voltage of 0.05V

    I don't know what to do....................!!!!
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