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hey guys, i have a 1TB HDD that im totally reformatting and I'm wondering about whether or not i should partition it. I've heard making a small partition to install the OS on can save some time and hassle if you get a bad virus, but im worried that if i dont give it enough space enough files will sneak their way onto that partition that itll fill up and cause me a ton of problems (my friend had a 40GB segment and since his itunes would automatically save songs on the C partition even though he put itunes on the D partition, he couldnt get any more music through itunes) so my question is, is partitioning worth it? if so, how much room should i give the OS partition, and is there any way to stop files from going to that partition?
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    I'd use a minimum of 40gb-50gb. For stuff like photos, music, and videos, and programs that don't let you choose an install folder, you can always move them to another drive if needed and make a symlink to the new folder, assuming you are using win7 or possibly vista.

    Also, most programs allow you to choose an install folder. Just put your itunes and steam (if you have it) on a different drive.
  2. ok cool, i didnt even think of a symlink on windows 7, the only time they ever come to mind for me is in unix haha, thanks for the feedback
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