Is this psu any good ?, please help

Hello, I'm going to buy a new power supply, to accommodate a new sapphire 5770

My system specs are :

Q. 8200 at 2.3 ghz :sol:

4bg ram memory ddr2

nvidia GT220 overclocked 620. 620.1480 :sweat:

some usb devices

dvd player

multi card reader,

this is curently runing whith a psu that says :
Continuous output shall not exceed 280 W :??:

Will I be able to run a sapphire 5770 with this psu :

It is an enermax 400 watt , please help me pick a new power supply, thanks in advance :wahoo:
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  1. According to newegg it has a combined 32A rating on its 12V rail which is pretty good, but it seems a bit expensive since you can get an Antec EA500D which has 37A combined between its 12V rails from ebuyer for 60
  2. Thanx but i live in holland and, this one is cheaper here ,
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