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I have an Asus P8P67-PRO motherboard. I have some questions about RAM:

1) Is it OK to use RAM that is not on the motherboard's QVL list?

I have 2x2GB of Corsair dual-channel DDR3 RAM that I would like to use, but I don't see it on the QVL list. However, I have run MemTest86+ on the RAM and I have no errors. Am I safe to use this RAM?

2) Is it OK to use RAM at a lower voltage than printed on the sticks of RAM?

My RAM is rated at 1.65 V, 1600 MHz. I have left the RAM settings in "Auto" in the BIOS. MemTest86+ says the RAM is running at 1.5 V, 1333 MHz, with no errors. Again, am I safe to use this RAM?

I do not plan on overclocking the system, and so I am happy to use the RAM at a lower speed than advertised. My main concern is system stability.
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  1. 1) Yes, it is okay to run RAM not on the QVL list. If your system is stable and running good don't worry about. The reason it is recommended to use the QVL, so you know the RAM has been certified to run at specified specs.

    2) Yes, it is okay to run RAM at lower voltage and MHz... It doesn't cause issue with the RAM. You are just not running them at specification or what they are rated at (paid for). There are many that buy Cas9 DDR3 2000 memory but run it at Cas6 DDR3 1600 for the better timings (as an example).
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