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Here's another noob - cheap gamer

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June 5, 2010 2:09:55 PM

Hey Eggxperts,

I've steadily decided on some parts for what I hope is a cheap gaming pc and could use some help. I have some old parts and am mainly deciding on a video card and case. I have an Athlon II X3 (2.9) and
am getting a Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 .

PURCHASING: this weekend

USAGE: lite gaming and some video/audio editing; surf the net, Office, other applications. None of my games are newer than 2007. I have:
Tomb Raider legend, Call of Duty2, KOTOR, WoW, Half Life 2, NeverWinter Nights 2, Doom3. That will keep me busy until I get bitten by something else.

PARTS HAVE: peripherals, Turbolink 500W PS - I know I know, but it's only 6 month's old I think it'll do for half a year( . New cpu, unboxed.

SOURCING: Newegg, online

OC: down the road* (If I have to right away to get full AA, etc. video I think I'll replace the PS)

MONITOR: 19" Dell CRT, small lcd. Getting 22" LCD this summer.

COMMENTS: run XP Pro & have upgrade 7, w/I want to run flawlessly including virtual modes. Will use removable HD's for other OS's - Win7 R.C., some flavor of Linux (hope any driver issues aren't too hard). Also, want as much video detail as possible: maxed out.

Firm on the following ram: G. Skill Ripjaw 1333 4GB mdl F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH. 7-7-7-21 and 1.5V but newegg sold out last week and I'm not posting a link to where I found it. Paranoid.

Now I'm not interested in CrossFire, IGP n' hybrid/sideport. Figure all my money will go into a 5770 or similar. Believe I can upgrade cpu and 1 video card down the line. Keep it simple.

Don't want to really spend more than $100 on the card if I don't have to but figure invest in something now vs. be upgrading and loose $ in a year. Very lite video editing, don't have any software picked out yet.

I think this mobo will have some legs. I think the ram will too - be better for OC vs. slower CAS ram. OC when I get to newer games. By the time 4-5 years rolls around all the slots, ram will be different.

Thinking I'd like a better, quiet HSF now IF I have to OC to help w/ top video quality but think it's not likely I'll need to yet. Thinking I'll apply the silver cpu grease now so same type later unless you can clean it off really well. Like the Scythe SCKTN-3000 92mm Sleeve "KATANA3" but also the new CoolIT ECO's. If needed, want something not too boxy, jutting out near the ram and not too tall as I don't know what case yet.

Mostly want to nail down a card and pick a case. Assume those video cards will sound like a banshee so want a quiet case. Lian Li and Yeong yi seems good quality & solid/quiet but $$. A few I like in my price range: the CM Centurion 534, the GB GZ-X8BPDX-400 if it was all black I Really like the look of the Antec 300 Black but want to stay away from bottom PS and think all those vents will be noisy. I want to try tool-less, at least for drives, and like those newer drive cages. Need 3-4 5" front drives for the removable HD's and would like a 120mm fan at bottom in front. But quiet case, for what I can afford to throw at the problem :sarcastic: 

Thanx for your help. I'm losing eyesight and sleep researching this stuff.
But it's more fun than t-shooting software.

Appreciate it,

JoneAh (who got swallowed by something bigger)

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June 5, 2010 4:02:38 PM

As of the turn of the month recently my el cheapo $469AR 1680 x 1050 AA/AF (Full HD less demanding games) capable gaming config hehe Might not be exactly what u looking for but perhaps some ideas ^^