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Hello all, I really need some urgent help,Im building a PC for a restaurant that has three different areas (BAR,CAFE,SUSHI) and each section has its own HD TV 48'' and its own BOSE Sound system..and each section has to have its own output..for example I need to play VIDEO1 in BAR and VIDEO2 in CAFE and VIDEO3 in Sushi.....and they all have to come from a PC....

SO..what i have done is build a computer with a SLI-ready motherboard myself
TWO 9500GT 1 GB video cards, plus two additional sound cards, and ONE video capture PCI card...and it has an Intel Core2 QUAD Q8400 Processor with 4GB of RAM...and did extended i can have FOUR independent for the monitor....and the other THREE outputs for each sector...and plug the sound cards to each sector and it WORKS perfectly up three MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC with three different videos and each instance of the media player set up with the correct sound card......i move the windows to the right TVs and it works PERFECTLY..........EXCEPT for 1 THING!!

The video on the TVs flickers waaaayy too much!! i replaced the entire cable of one sector..because i thought it was the cable..and it still flickers!! and then .. just to TEST i brought my laptop and plugged the VGA conector to my laptop and the image so almost flickering!! NOTHING the image looked SOO GOOD..and then i plugged it back in the DESKTOP PC...and it started flickering...

I already tried playing with the resolutions and the refresh rates..but no help......what could be wrong??
if it works with my laptop, its deff not a cable problem...right??
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  1. anyone?? could it be the power supply...i have a Rosewill 460W power supply feeding everything.....
  2. no one has an idea why???

    please i need some input on this!
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