New build booted first time, not second time though... HELP

OK so i just put together my new comp and tried to boot. I got to the bios when all of a sudden, the thing froze and I had to reboot. Now when I boot nothing happens. There is no post code (00), no beep, the screen is blank. HELP please!

Mobo: ASRock 890fx
CPU: Phenom II x4 955
RAM: G.Skill 4 gb
PSU: Seventeam ST-850ZAF 850W
Video Card: XFX Radeon HD 5850 Video Card

i noticed that before everything froze on the BIOS, some of the keys on the keyboard (Microsoft Sidewinder x6) stopped working. Just a thought
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  1. I had a similiar problem when i didnt seat my heatsink correctly. Check if urs is.

    Also, i never hear of Seventeam... poor PSU's have a tendency to completely give up after some seconds, and sometimes even take some of your components to the grave with it. Check that aswell
  2. How should I reseat the heatsink? What could be wrong with it? I've already taken it out and put it back in. It just the stock amd cooler. It does fit pretty tight onto the CPU.

    Also, should I return the psu and motherboard if nothing helps? Or should I Rma the CPU too?
  3. Sounds like maybe it was a cheap PSU (not anywhere near its 850W rating) and your components overloaded it. My first thing to do would be to test the PSU outside of the case -

    If this fails then you know the culprit. Also make sure the power cord you use has a good (not blown) fuse in it.
  4. Ok sounds good. I will do the paperclip thing to the psu. Everything runs, like the fans spin, but the mobo doesn't POST.

    Also, do you think my CPU is ok? I hope it is. I don't want to RMA everything.
  5. ok i have tested everything possible.
    I have unplugged everything having to do with power from everything else except the 24 pin mobo connector, and the 8 pin cpu connector. Nothing
    I unplugged the fans from the mobo (except the cpu fan). Nada.
    I plugged everything back in. Zip.
    I tested the PSU on its own. It works fine.

    I am thinking that the mobo is bad. I will RMA it. Newegg is good with those I hear.

    By the way, I noticed that there is no power coming from the back usb ports, or PS/2 ports. The hdd drive light in the front of the case (Coolermaster HAF 932) is not on either. The power light is on however. All of this tell me that it is a mobo problem. Damn.
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