About to buy a 5770? Tigersdirect XFX model is 132 FREE shipping!

For all the budget folks out there. I know this is a popular Video card... and it's in my computer too. Many people recommend this card on here and I'm hopin' everyone jumps on the deal while it's there!

People have reported after a few hours bing does shoot back even more money and savings up to 18 bux! That drops the price below 135! In any case, save money, get a great card, have fun with your new systems!
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  1. oh sorry :)) my bad
  2. whats "binging"
  3. well i know what the site is but how do i get that graphics card for that price
  4. goalguy876 said:
    whats "binging"

    LOL go to google and type in bing LULZ
  5. Wow... <goalguy876> :)

    Anyway I think it stands for buy it now...something.
    It's some cash back program but I personally haven't used it either.
  6. sorry lol.... I would love to get that card for that much but i dont know how to "bing"
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