EP-8KRAI PS/2 fault

I am trying to fix my motherboard Epox Ep-8KRAI. When I remove PS/2 port from the motherboard PC is starting and it give regular POST picture but with PS/2 port on it PC is starting but without picture on monitor. Anybody can help me to fix that?
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Sounds like you PS/2 port is shorting out when something is plugged in which causes your board to fail POST. Since EPoX is no more I think you're SOL. Still, check the PS2 port to make sure nothing is stuck in there that could be causing a short. Heck it could be that your back plate is just making contact with something it's not suppose to when you plug in your PS/2 port. Make sure the standoffs properly space your motherboard from your case so that there isn't unwanted electrical contact. Clean out dust that could be causing problems.
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