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okay here is the deal i want to built a new gaming pc cause my old one fried due to overheating other problem which i don't want to mention.i have a budget of about $3200.this time i want to kept the option open so can you experts please suggest the following parts
1 intel processor
2 asus motherboards
3 any good rams atleast 6gb
4 atleast 4 tera 0f hdd
5 geforce card
6 any good psu,case & the best cooling unit.
and my other choice
1 amd processor
2 any board execpt asus
3 any card except geforce
also the assemble unit must be able to upgrade for some years.any advice on oc. though i perfer the first choice i like to try the others if i like it.THANKING YOU ALL IN ADVANCE.
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  1. thats a big budget.

    intel proc i7 930

    2 mobo P6X58D-E or asus R3E

    ram gskill or corsair or corsiar xms3

    4 tera hdd. 4 of this

    5 geforce card( u mean nvidia?) and today i think ati is more reallaible so please stick with ati cards. (gtx480) (gtx470) (gtx465) (ati 5970) (ati 5870)

    6 psu and case. and hsf( i dont know water cooling) 750watss) (haf 932)

    amd thuban 1090t

    2 mb for amd (gigabyte) (still a gigabyte)

    3 expect geforce ^ see my ati advice

    ok' i'l put this together for a good pc





    psu:corsair 750 watts

    case:haff 932

    dvd:any cheap

    hsf: cm hyper 212 or v8?

    ram:^g skill
  2. thanks dude already got the intel cpu,asus R3 extreme,gskill 6gb and the gtx 480 still waiting for the other parts and a damn good cooling system probaly a water cool system thanking you again sorry i didn't reply was out shopping and ordering parts.
  3. If you want to spend so much on a gaming rig, definately don't sell yourself short. The ram linked is not that great, such as the g.skill due to it having a 1.5-1.6 volt. That means you might have to play with it in bios to get it to even be stable. Plus the timings are pretty bad for DDR3 1600's. Here is a much better set of ram, currently out of stock but stable at 1.5v and tighter timings.

    Ram: G.Skill 6GB PI

    Mobo: Asus P6X58D-E or P6X58D-Premium are great options for an I7-930. E

    The E is cheaper than the premium, and only lacks a few features.

    CPU: For your budget definitely go with the I7-930. Great for games, tasks, etc. One of the best OCing CPUs out there.

    GPU: I highly recommend an ATI card over Nvidia. ATI right now gives you much better price to performance ratio. Consumes less power. Generates less heat, etc. I'd say a 5870 or 5970. 5870
    or 5970

    PSU: Corsair 750 or 850 would be perfect for you.

    Case: Go Haf 922 imo, almost as big as the 932, is cheaper, and just as good airflow. Unless you absolutely want the bigger case. But the difference is marginal.

    Don't go watercooling. Air is currently just as effective as water cooling, costs less, doesn't require as much effort, and doesn't need maintenance like water cooling does. Plus, as a general water has a chance to break or leak and then there goes your expensive rig. If a fan breaks just replace it.
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