First Time RAID User Here

After reading the FAQ I think the RAID Setup I want to go with is RAID 0.
First things first my system specs...
Core i5 3570K OCed 4.2Ghz
Gksill Sniper Series Ram 1866Mhz
Asrock Extreme4 Z77 Mobo
Nvidia GTX670
Western Digital Caviar Black 1.5TB

I was thinking about getting another western Digital Caviar Black 1.5TB TO use as in my RAID array for better performance as well as more capacity. I am guessing by using identical drives the amount of HDD capacity I'd lose from the drives would be minimal. I suppose one big reason why I am doing is because lately I have been doing a lot of ingame video capturing and I undstartand sometimes it's good to have a faster hard drive setup for such a thing. In addition to this I plan on getting a 120-256GB SSD to use for my os and some of the game don't save a ton. Apparently installing apps on SSD that save a lot is a bad idea? This is just what I am hearing.

One question though, it says my motherboards built in raider controlly only supports RAID FUnction on the internal SATA2 Ports

I am wondering if this could possibly just be an error or is it possible that the controller will only support a specific amount of sata ports?
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  1. although you have 4 different sata ports, they are on two different chipset controllers. that is why they have different colors. so you will only be able to do either raid 0 or raid 1. you will not be able to do raid 5.
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