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I need some advice on a good 1155 motherboard.
Not going to do overclocking or sli, crossfire, or raid any of that advanced stuff.
Just looking for a budget mobo that will last. I'm looking for good one under $120.

It doesn't really matter if its mATX or full ATX.

or your suggestions :)
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  1. I have the asus p68p67 pro, and i would NOT recommend it, taken me 2 days to get it stable with ram timings (not overclocked)
  2. Personally I would suggest the Asus ( I have been looking at the P8P67 Deluxe myself), but currently, whatever you are looking for doesn't matter. Since they were recalled weeks ago, there has much talk about the issue and the recall, but I have found little "helpful" info about the replacements. The most info I have been able to get so far is: (after chatting with intel support) Intel has shipped the new chipsets to the manufacturers, and it is now a matter of waiting for the manf. to get the chipsets on the boards and out to the public and retailers. The majority of talk is that they will be out and available "Mid-March, definately April" but no one has been able to produce any solid dates. Closest I got was a disclaimer from some Canadian Computer store site saying that if you wanted to swap your old 1155 board for a new one, you could do that after March 18th. That is the best info I got.

    ... Also heard a (possibly false) rumor that due to the recall, a lot of the manufacturers have bumped the price of the same board, but new chipset, up $50 to cover the cost of the replacement procedures. Probably not true, but was researching the boards a good bit before the recall and if the same board is now more expensive, that would be a tough pill to swallow.

    But assuming you don't mind waiting probably another month to get a board, I personally would suggest going with the Asus, followed by the Intel, then the MSI. Nothing against MSI, just that someone has to be at the bottom of the list. ;)

    (then again, I also have heard that the new Z68 boards should be coming out not long after the recall replacements reappear, so if you can wait, I've heard that these will be worth the wait as well...)
  3. Actually, new boards should be available in very limited quantities later this week or next week. It will take a while for them to ramp up to full production though.
  4. Yea I think your right, here in Canada the site NCIX.com has already listed several asus and msi boards with the revision and I believe amazon and newegg are in the same process.
    But I would have to agree with the price, $119 Canadian does seem like a lot for a microATX board especially when the predecessor 1156 mATX board was only around $90.
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