Best mobo for crossfire 4850's/ amd

the title pretty much says it all... whats a good crossfire ready mobo that is compatible with AMD.

if you need anymore info feel free to ask
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  1. What CPU will you be using?
  2. It's a very good CPU.
    Pair it will a good 870 Crossfire motherboard like this ASRock 870 EXTREME3 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 and your in business.
  3. sweet thanks man. do you think id get away with using this psu?

    thank you greatly for the suggestion
  4. Yeah, you can. It's a good PSU and it's got 45amps worth of +12v. Good for 2x 4850 in Crossfire.
  5. thank you sooooo much. youve been a great help
  6. How much is the Antec Earthwatts EA650 you're looking at cost?
    We might be able to find a better option.
  7. I think its $80. is that too much?

    well it was 100 but theres a 20$ mail in rebate
  8. XFX XXX P1-650X-CAH9 650W PSU $80 after $20 rebate
    It's got 52amps +12v and even better reviews than the Antec EA 650. I'll dig one up for you.
  9. wow that IS good. but why did one up? the link to neweggs fine
  10. if you dont mind helping me one more time, can you tell me if this much ram is overkilll...
  11. For just $7 more you can get the CL7 version G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB DDR3 1600 F3-12800CL7D
    The set you linked is CL9 and the lower Cas Latency has slightly better performance potential.
  12. man you know your stuff hahaha. id hate to push my luck but i was looking on newegg for the best 4850's i can get for $100. i stumbled across these...
    they seemed pretty cheap considering theyre 1gb. what do you think?
  13. 81% 4&5 'Egg' rating at NewEgg. That's pretty good.
    And a good review from Guru3D.
  14. well i think that about covers it.. you've answered every question i have haha. thank you so much for your time and effort, it is much appreciated,

    btw i think ill go for the cheaper 512mb versions of the 4850, as i will not be playing at very high resolutions
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