What case???? Please help

I was looking at two cases, the Cooler Master HAF 922 and the Cooler Master CM Storm Scout.


All black (in and out)
Cheaper ($30 NZD)
Better for LAN parties

Not as much cooling/air flow

HAF 922

More air flow
Looks kinda better?

Not painted on inside
Not as good for transporting

For Gaming

I'm not going to be taking it many places often.

So.......... opinions
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  1. I would go for the HAF 922, unless you go to LAN parties often enough for the Scout's handle to be worth it. Whether the HAF 922 looks better than the Scout is debatable. As a con, you listed not painted on the inside, but would that really matter seeing as there is no window? Or are you planning to add one?
  2. You make a good point, and no I won't be adding a window to it.
  3. The HAF 922 does sport a sort of side window.. Its the lack of dust filters that is more annoying.. Looks are more of a perspective issue (i personally consider the haf series cases to be the most ugliest cases of all times).. Have you considered the Antec 902 ever as an option.??
  4. The storm scout is a fine case but a bit restrictive on the inside. longer graphics cards will be a tight fit or not fit at all. I have an haf 922 and love it.
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