Computer suddenly won't start

Hello, I built a computer 6 months ago and everything was working great, here are the specs:

4gb DDR3 Gskill Ram
Asus P7P55 LX motherboard
Intel core i5-750 cpu
Evga GTX 260 gpu
Corsair 650tx 650w psu

The problem that occurred the other day was that the computer just turned off by itself while I was using it and then starting turning on and off until I turned off the psu. When I tried to turn it back on it did the same thing: the lights would come on and the fans would start spinning for about 3-4 seconds then everything would turn off for 3-4 seconds then on again, it would then repeat this cycle until I flipped off the psu. Also during this cycle, the monitor would never receive any signal. My first guess was that this was a PSU issue, but when I replaced it with a known good PSU the same thing occurred. I have gone through the troubleshooting steps outlined in the sticky on these boards, but nothing seems to be working. I do not know what the most likely culprit of this problem would be and any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I'd say go for a bread-boarding on it tbh, you've ruled out the psu, Go for one stick of ram, a Graphics card you know works and see how you go from there
  2. I tried it with one stick of RAM and a good gpu, but I still get the same thing. Could the mobo or cpu cause a problem like this?

  3. Quite possibly, although I'm afraid I'm now out of ideas myself,
    hopefully another member will chip in and can help you out,
    But Ill keep bumping the thread
  4. Motherboard sounds most likely. Replace the motherboard with a known good one compatible with all your devices and try again. I know how frustrating this sort of thing is especially when you don't know the cause of the problem.

    Oh and you're sure there's nothing wrong with the BIOS settings? A flush of the CMOS wouldn't hurt (remove motherboard battery, put back in after 10 minutes or so).
  5. Okay, I replaced the motherboard and everything seems to be working correctly; the computer boots up and I can do my regular tasks. Only thing I have a question about is I am getting some beeps when I boot up and I am not sure what they mean, they are: beep....beepbeep....beep. Any ideas?

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