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I need to build a system for a customer of mine, that requires 1GBs of Sequential Write speeds as he needs to work with Uncompressed Video.

Unfortunately price & is a factor too...price for whole system max 4,000.00
Since I am plan on getting Intel Hexacore CPU, 32GB RAM, GTX 680, etc, that takes about half of the 4000.00 leaving about 2000.00 for 1GBs of Sequential Write speeds.

I would need about 500GB-750GB Capacity & good news is it wont be a boot Drive.

First I thought of a PCIe SSD like the OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 Max IOPS 480GB. They claim over 1 GBs but it uses the Sandforce controller which from what I read doesn't work well with Uncompressed data.
Also it has a lot of issues with a lot of motherboards & I dont see any tested Socket 2011 motherboards from them which is needed for Hexacore CPU. So I dont know if this would work for him.

Then other PCIe SSDs like OCZ Z Drive R4 & others are way too expensive for his budget.

So then the only other option would be (that I can think of) would be to get multiple SSDs & put them in RAID 0. The higher speed ones are the Sandforce ones but Again from what I read doesn't work well with Uncompressed data.

So then I was thinking of using Marvell ones, good ones, like the Plextor M3 Pro Series or Corsair Performance Pro Series but I am sure I would need at least 4 or 5 in RAID 0 to get 1GBs & therefore I would then need a RAID Card, because onboard RAID for all Socket 2011 Motherboards as far as I know only have 2 Intel SATA 3 ports for RAID, and I am not sure if onboard RAID could even get that high to 1 GBs

So then I was researching RAID cards & have seen people complain that Marvell based SSDs dont work well with RAID Cards :-(

So basically all my ideas turn to a dead end.

Anyone have some advice on how I can achieve what I need within the 2000.00 range ? Ideally some specific specs that have been tested & known to work as I dont want to buy all this hardware & then find out it doesnt work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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  1. The following link shows 4 128GB OCZ Vertex 4 in RAID-0. The drives are connected to a LSI 9266-8i RAID controller card.

    The AS-SSD benchmark results show Read and Write speeds over 1GB/s.
    AS-SSD uses incompressible test data so your real world performance will be over 1GB/s.

    As you see from the benchmark the formatted capacity of the array is 474.87GB, which is slightly smaller than your minimum requirements; you probably want to get the 256GB models.

    On Newegg.com 4 128GB Vertex 4s and 1 LSI RAID card will total $1,194.96.
    4 256GB Vertex 4s and 1 LSI RAID card will total $1,574.96.

    The LSI card is x8, so you need an available x8 or x16 slot on your motherboard to connect it to.

    The latest firmware version 1.5 has speed improvements, so update all drives and your performance will be better than the one in the posted link.

    Also, do some additional research to verify that there are no compatibility issues with the RAID card and your motherboard.
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