Asus p867 deluxe - corrected SB chip set, when will it ship?

Anyone have any idea when the MB with the corrected Sandy Bridge chip set will be shipping again?

According to Intel, they stated a target as the week of 2/14.
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  1. That was a target for Intel to ship chips to board manufacturers. Rumors have it that boards will start showing up at retailers soon but that is just guess work at the moment.
  2. If you look through the first 50 threads in this section you will see at least 6 subjects just like yours with discussions.
  3. Asus have the revised B3 versions now, will be in shops for general purchase in april, but replacement should start in a few weeks.
  4. Gigabyte has already started shipping their B3 boards.
  5. Got mine today at Microcenter
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