Asus EAH5850 Direct CU clocks

I just purchased an Asus EAH5850 Direct CU card and installed yesterday.

With Cat 10.3 or 10.4 I'm noticing the following:

"Default" clocks are set to 725 core and 1000 mem with Overdrive on or off, and card idles at 400 core 1000 memory, with temps around 50 degrees.
If I adjust the core up even 5 mhz the idle setting drops to 157 core 300 memory, but I get the "tearing/banding lines" on my display, and temps idle around 40 degrees.

Now, I only see the graphic anomalies when in 2d modes, and the card runs great at 850 core (62 degrees or so) during some DAO.

I had Smartdoctor and the Gamer GUI installed, and the behavior is the same with or without it/them.

WTF? Shouldn't my card be idling at 157/300 at "defaults"? Maybe it's an Asus BIOS thing or something.

So much for getting the card that can over-volt and over clock well....
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    The card is idling too low, simple as that. Just set a profile in the catalyst, and link it to the desktop. Whenever you're done gaming, revert to that profile (the 'stock clocks') so that it idles at the correct amounts.
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